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Lewca has done a bunch of stuff, click on the links below to go to his artist profile on your preferred streaming service, or check out samples of his work here on the website....

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BoomBap For Boomers

Boombap for Boomers, the second album to come from the basement sessions with S.O.A.P. Is as laid back as “Friday Night Rockstar”, the previous album, was angst ridden. A sunny mellow vibe inhabits the tracklist with notable guests, underground legend Mick Swagger & Dancehall King Elephant Man, joining the fray.


FNR square.jpg

Friday Night Rockstar

The album"Friday Night Rockstar" is about time passing, personal doubts and demons, substance abuse and dreams that will never come true. It’s mixed into 80’s-90’s sonic references that influenced Lewca & S.O.A.P growing up.


Lewca year 1 color no text.jpg

Year One

Right before Covid hit Lewca was planning an album, but due to circumstances he decided to split it up into 3 EP's "3 kids & a Mortgage", "Walking the Hedgehog" & "Geezer Pop". 
This is the album as it was meant to be, with two extra tracks in collaboration with Sean Buckley.




It's for Charity Mate

Acoustic covers recorded for the 2022 sessions in favour of Macmillan's cancer support UK. Songs recorded with Orange G, the Postindustrial Poets & Byron inc, Drum parts by P.A. & Erwan, mixed by S.O.A.P

deconstructisme red 2.jpg


A bunch of Remixes of my tunes by some very talented mates...

Cover Art GEEZER POP.jpg

Geezer Pop

Switch gears for the third EP, with a summer electro vibe. All the tracks from the first three EP's are featured on the Year One Album.


Walking the Hedgehog

The Pop Rock Hiphop of the first EP makes way a grittier punky soundAll the tracks from the first three EP's are featured on the Year One Album.

album art copy 3.jpg

3 Kids & a mortgage

The first EP by Lewca with songs about alcohol abuse, relationships, tennis, Brixton & bacon & eggs. All the tracks from the first three EP's are featured on the Year One Album.



Lewca: Interview

French composer / producer "le spectre" is colder than ice, yet he attempts to set the world on fire  with the single “Gaslight” featuring Lewca


Balls Out

Invisible Squirrel did a remix of a Lewca track on "Deconstructivism" and the pair got on like a house on fire, the result of their friendship is this nutty single "Balls Out"

last orders cover.png

Last Orders

Lewca fell in love with the Fire Up the Sun single "Nae One Gives A Fuck" and since has become a regular guest & honorary member of the band. "Last Orders" is the first of their collaborations.


Burn it to the Ground

Second Feat with Fire Up the Sun, this time they managed to convince Lewca to sing...


Ghosts of Xmas Passed

A fucking Christmas song, like seriously.

I'm Alright.jpg

I'm Alright

Sean Buckley was looking for vocalists to add something to his melodic electronica, Lewca stepped up and did two tracks with the man called Mintball, to date "I'm Alright" is Lewca's most successful track and was featured on BBC 6



The B-Side to "I'm Alright" with Sean Buckley, a nutty dance tune about a county fair.

hang glider.jpg

Hang Glider (Bubby Style)

A cover of the awesome song by Moonlight Parade made for charity, featuring the boys from Geezer Choir Danny Milner & Moby Tanner. Check out the original and the rest of their stuff here.

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