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Le spectre and Lewca unite to deliver an incisive and festive track against a backdrop of social commentary on post-brexit England... a musical melting pot that mixes influences from The Specials, Madness, Depeche mode, but also Baxter Dury and Beastie boys. The Parisian producer and the part-time British punk produce a timeless song that's more current than ever.

“Bullingdon Club”

The song Gaslight refers to the “Bullingdon Club”, a men's club for students at Oxford University. It is known for its wealthy members, large banquets, and bad behavior including vandalism with a tradition of paying on the spot for damages. The club is notorious for selecting its members not only based on their wealth, but also based on their elite upbringing. They count former Prime Minister David Cameron and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson among their alumni.

Lewca's postulate, in this troubled period in the history of the United Kingdom, when government failures follow one another and Prime Ministers barely have time to unpack their suitcases at 10 Downing Street, and when, despite repeated requests from the population, no election is in sight... the postulate of Lewca, I was saying, is that if the elites think that it is fair game to smash everything as long as they pay, it could be that a day the British people, as taxpayers, take the same approach.

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