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Lewca was born in a squat in Brixton, by age nineteen he was living in a squat in Paris, go figure... After studying fine art and dabbling in film, he started making music just before he was too old to die young.
His influences range from class A drugs to expensive rum, and also The Clash, The Streets, Ian Dury, Eminem, Tom Waits, whoever is making decent music...
He currently lives in Normandy, has three kids and a mortgage and semi-domesticated hedgehog named “Sonic”



Lewca's partner in crime is S.O.A.P (aka Son of A Pitch), a Parisian DJ and beatmaker with British influences: Electro Hip-Hop, Future Dancehall, Drum'n Bass, among others.

He has produced dozens of titles for artists as varied as Vicelow and Féfé (from the Saian Supa Crew), Oxmo Puccino, Gérard Baste, Biga * Ranx, Yoshi, and especially Taiwan MC, of which he produced the 4 albums released by Chinese Man Records and which he accompanied on stage for several years. Their single "Catalina" has more than 25 million Youtube views.

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